Quantum Sound Vibration 

for Therapy or Journeys

Quantum Fields as vibration: a study with science documentaries. An education in the modern research about sound with relevant documentaries, going all the way into quantum theory and its modern view of string theory – in which the scientist are coming to the conclusion that everything is made of vibrating energy.

Chakra theory and frequency; the ancient sciences in many cultures knew a lot about energy. Cultures such as the Egyptians held the foundation belief that if a person knew the right sound “formula” they could accomplish every and anything. This holds true in yoga where the frequency of each chakra awakens and empowers each one, while the petal sounds direct the energy wherever it needs to go; understanding how we control the energy within us. The Vedas are based on sound and mantra. The Catholics used Gregorian chanting to bring people into a heavenly state of consciousness. Buddhist monks use chanting for virtually anything, from blessings to departing from this world.

Knowing how sound moves particles: Having watched some of the sound videos where it is demonstrated that sound and specific frequencies move small particles in a way that arranges them into patterns. If sound can do this on a metal plate with particles made of many molecules, how much influence does sound have on the molecules and atoms that make them ?
In the quantum Sound Chair/bed your cells are being vibrated – literally shaken in a way that makes them let go of there rigidity. In a sense this is melting them down to a flexible flowing state, creating a relaxed condition in which they are dancing in harmony with the vibration of the music. This is literally tuning up the cells and the molecules within.

The geometry of sounds. Harmonic music creates symmetrical geometry, forming into what are called Mandalas – demonstrated in videos; this influences our molecular structures to fall into these patterns of symmetrical beauty. The result is positive chemistry that gives us health and the feeling of happiness.

Temple sound Journeys: 1 2 3. As the theory of sound becomes understandable knowledge in the mind, we create the body experience through sound journeys in the sound temple; Dome. This experience can make us feel what we are talking about, weaving the theory in to the reality of our body experience.

Experiencing and understanding the frequencies of the chakra energies has been one of the goals of yogic meditation for millennium. To the modern mind, it seems amazing that anyone could have known about energy and frequencies that long ago because we have been erroneously taught that all ancient cultures were primitive cave dwellers. There are still tribal people and cave dwellers today; that does not mean civilization is not here as well. Leaving that aside, we might be willing to accept scientific knowledge regarding energy and apply it in a modern way. This is the basis of “Quantum Sound Therapy” which utilizes sound formulas long known to have specific influences on energy fields in the human system, (chakras), with the potential to reset the frequencies of our cells into healthy harmonic resonance. Harmony creates cooperation both within the cell and with surrounding cells, re-establishing health in any organ or gland. Literally, this is a tune-up, working at the level of the building blocks of our being.

Bowls and Dij: Upper & lower frequencies. In the sound temple as well as in the chair, the experiences in sound immersion becomes more intense with the feeling of various frequencies from traditional cultures like the Tibetan and Australian Aborigines. Learning to play these becomes another method of atunement.

Seed sound attunement. Learning the frequencies of the chakras, from the bija mantras to the petal sounds gives us the possibility of working directly with the sounds within us for self healing and self-development. These sounds are the key codes for mastering sound in general. They are a coded part of the Yantra system, taught to students who who are in agreement with the sacredness of the yogic system. These frequencies are part of the Yogic system and not really to be given out or ‘shared’ through social media.

Dealing with emotional release, using breathing techniques. Recommendations such as Ekadasi, and the simplicity of releasing stress with guided exhalations. Trauma release for the therapeutic side, journeys beyond maybe needing more guidance at times. Personal experience required to understand the Beyond states, and to be able to guide others. Yoga recommendations, therapeutic suggestions as needed.

Technology of sound bed: How to use this sound technology requires more sophisticated technology than using ‘singing’ bowls. The methods, design, and hands on approach is part of the program as we build a Quantum Sound bed system together, explaining what is used and how to use the apparatus.

• options w speakers. Amplifiers. Here we come into a simplified and portable system with strap-on speakers and a small amplifier, electric or battery powered for off grid sessions such as at festivals.

This is a 6 day retreat covering all aspects of sound.

As a residential program it is invaluable and unique at a cost of  $800

               In July of 2024