An advanced course for Yogis who have done David’s Teach Training level 1
1st – 26th Feb, 2023

David will be guiding dedicated yogis through an advanced Chakra Yoga course in the month of February 2020. The course will expand on the techniques learned in the level 1 teacher training course.


Any student who has completed the level 1 Chakra Yoga Teacher training with David Goulet. This course is not a teacher training but for yogis wishing to deepen their own practice and learn more from David.

Course OUTLINE  

During this course you will be taking the techniques you used in the level one training and building upon these with more advanced techniques. The course will be broken down into 7 ‘chapters’ and below is a brief overview of what will be covered;

Chapter 1
The course will begin by go into the details of various forces of resistance that work to keep us at a normal level of consciousness. We will look at some of the primary obstacles that Patanjali considers worthy of understanding. These forces of resistance are there for good reason, and need to be understood in detail for us to be able to lift the veils of illusion which they normally hold in place. Because of this we will look at the things that stand in our way as obstacles first, and subsequently consider the methods by which we can overcome them. As well we will look at the main Grunthies and assess what progress we have made with them.

Chapter 2
We will then go into a greater depth of the subtle forces of delusion that come up as we begin to unfold each of the chakras . Perhaps it is not such a matter of them coming up but rather of us going down into the subconscious realms to explore the roots and origin of illusion and delusion. The distractive powers of the Dakinis can lead us away from our spiritual goals for lifetimes; when we look at how they do it we will perhaps gain liberation from their web.

Chapter 3
We will consider the fundamental characteristics of the energy of each chakra, how they are symbolically represented, and how we can recognize these within ourselves. It is important to be able to see and understand how things are unfolding in order to assess our progress along the spiritual path. To this we add technique for working directly with these energies so as to better utilize them on our spiritual journey.

Chapter 4
We go into a deeper level of the meditational state, where the oneness of the blissful universe can become our home ground. We will look into our roots as a Western culture and bridge some gaps that have long lay between us and Eastern cultures. We will also look at some of the subsequent conflicts that arise in the mind because of them. We will look more deeply into the realm of Guru Hardiya Manas. This will require some contemplation and effort. Through our practice we will come to understanding the energies involved. From this place, with a mind that has been calmed, we will also be able to elaborate on the healing forces that can emanate through this bliss when teamed up with compassion.

Chapter 5
We then consider the divine forces that can be manifested at each chakra level, look at the qualities, skills and talents that unfold as we awaken this energy within us. Techniques to help this process unfold will be explained and practiced as we go along so that we have clear methods of development to work with. This chapter will lead us out into the Akashic records – that ocean of energy that contains the knowledge of the universe. We will explore how to access it, know it, and trust the intuitive process that opens the door to this realm. We will be learning some advanced tantric technique for bringing some of Kundalini’s energy up to the various chakra levels to help the lotuses blossom.

Chapter 6
Leads us into the mind and its symbols: Yantra and its explanation of the basic mathematical and geometric language of the collective unconscious. In learning to understand more of this universal language all of the mystic symbols that have come down through the ages might take on new meaning. A deeper look at the Karmic and Dharmic cycles delves us further into space-time.

Chapter 7
Takes us into the nature of consciousness as a universal phenomena and its vibratory aspect in manifestation. Sound and mantra will be discussed and used as methods of directing that of which we are consciously aware.



Course Fees $888 USD
(Accomodation & food is not included in this cost. We have bungalows available onsite please reach out if you would like accomodation options sent to you)

$200 deposit to secure a place.

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