The spaces at Pyramid make it an ideal place to escape the daily grind of the western world. It is situated in the middle oft he jungle surrounded by trees and an abundance of fresh oxygen. We have a delicious vegetarian restaurant serving healthy food daily with options to come and do some cleansing with various detox programmes.

Please read on below to see what retreats we have coming up.


July 27 to 31st– Monday to Friday

 Schedule (Bangkok time):

1pm to 4pm – first class

  6pm to 8pm – second class

2 classes per day.

Prices: 333 USD– in person

            270 USD – online


Ekadasi Psychological

Detox Retreat

15 day yoga retreat with a focus on releasing the effects of past trauma and negative experiences.

21st of Nov – 5th Dec, 2022



Although yoga has become popular in the 2020 world, the comprehensive knowledge held in this ancient science is still relatively unknown. Chakras are at the base of the yoga system of knowledge; the foundation of the practices, the connection from the mind to the body and vice versa.

Practicing yoga without understanding the “energy wheels” is like driving a car without knowing what the steering wheel does. Understanding the intimate relationship between the brain and body can lead to control of our physical life. Each chakra energy powers one of the body systems. For instance, Anahata chakra brings the empowerment to the immune system, giving us the ability to defend our health against any bacteria or virus. Obviously this information is missing in the present world, with it there would be no pandemic.

Ajna chakra is the steering wheel of the ‘mind’ (over matter). Learning the art of contemplation is the sixth limb of yoga practice, Dharana, though rarely taught, it will be taught and practiced in this workshop, to integrate the knowledge of the chakras into wisdom. The ability to know and influence body functions as well as positions (asanas), is a primal part of yoga.

The nine “forms” of yoga will be explained in detail, as each form is connected to one of the chakras. Various types of breathwork will be practiced in the ‘form’ of Pranayama yoga, and sounds used in the mantra style; Raja yoga’s visual concentration techniques used to direct consciousness through the mind.  Etc.


Here at Pyramid Yoga Center, we design our retreats and classes  to provide you with the perfect environment for your spiritual and physical growth.

This 15 day retreat is suitable for everyone who is looking for healing from past experiences which have left scars in their mental and emotional being. This is the beginning part of a yogic education which goes on to become a comprehensive education, but is here done as a standalone retreat for the purpose of letting go of the past and moving forward with our lives. It has been developed by yogis in the Chakra Yoga System centuries ago, leading into an empowerment through self knowledge, understanding of the energetic aspect of the universe, and a freedom of consciousness.

The retreat is timed to be in cosmic alignment with phases of the moon. It begins on the new moon, using the energy of beginning (seed) to re-write the story of our life with deeper understanding. The breathing technique (which takes 11 days to complete) will come to its conclusion at the full moon which is resolution energy.


The Spaces



Pyramid I

Our main event space is Pyramid I, with enough space to hold 60+ yoga mats, or well over 100 to dance. With open sides to the jungle in all directions, its provides an encompassing immersion into nature. Otherwise you can enjoy the powerful punch of our Beta stereo system, keeping even the toughest aficionados content in events such as our weekly ecstatic dance.

Settled into the jungle at the north-eastern corner of the property, Pyramid I is our signature yoga and events studio.


Pyramid II

The younger sibling of Pyramid I, Pyramid II is located at the south-western side of the property. While it shares many features with Pyramid I, including an open-air design, skylight and secluded jungle ambience, it also boasts a spectacular westerly view of the ocean, making it an ideal setting for sunset.

It has a capacity for over 30 people and is an exceptionally picturesque and intimate space, perfect any small to medium sized class or event.


The Sound Temple

Our Sound Temple is our place of worship to sound and vibrations. Built with around 50 tonnes of sand from the property, the Sound Temple is a special place for all visitors to Pyramid due to its deep resonance and quality of sound. Used frequently in mantra sessions throughout our teacher training courses, it also acts as a wonderful chamber for kirtans and bhajans as well as ceremonial occasions.



With a number of jungle bungalows, we have the ability to host residential courses that may last up to a few months. Our accommodation is also available to rent short and long term via drop-ins as well as available on AirBnb.

Check out our accommodation page for more information.


Restaurant and dining area

We have a fully contained kitchen on-site, capable of independently operating as a restaurant or to be used for catering solely to groups. The kitchen includes multiple gas hotplates, an oven, multiple fridges, deep fryer, coffee maker, all common appliances and more. Our dining area can easily seat 30 or more people through comfortable, Thai-style floor seating. Our staff are trained to create and cook a simple vegetarian menu including a lot of healthy Thai dishes.




Relax outdoors in the jungle

Come and connect with nature by relaxing on cushions or hammocks surrounded by trees and beautiful jungle sounds. Keeping you cool from the sun this area is perfect for an afternoon siesta or alternatively it’s the Perfect setting for evening Kirtan or music session by the fire. Also great for satsung circles, cacao ceremonies and much more.



Host your teacher training, workshop, retreat or any event at Pyramid Yoga.
Rent an individual space, or make use of the whole center.

Pyramid Yoga center is able to host anything from individual client sessions up to 3 month residential training courses. We have 2 large yoga studios, a spacious sound temple, restaurant/dining area and multiple bungalows all nestled within the privacy of the jungle.

As well as being the perfect place to hold courses in yoga, such as teacher trainings and retreats, the spaces are ideal for so much more. We have held anything from workshops in massage, classes in qigong, courses in astrology and immersions in tantra.

What do you have to offer? Get in touch by filling out the inquiry form here