At Pyramid Yoga Center, Thailand, we host various events and run multiple courses throughout the year. All of the events hosted here are based around consciousness and community – two things we value greatly.

Please see below for our upcoming events and workshops at Pyramid and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.



Rise Ecstatic Dance

Every Sunday – 11am-3pm * Entry: 500b

Every Wednesday – 3pm-6pm * Entry 300b

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500HR Master Training with   David Goulet

Duration: 8 weeks
Next course:
Next to be announced


This Master Training course with David Goulet is 8 weeks long. Successful students will be awarded a 300HR Chakra Yoga certificate.

The course consists of the 9 different forms of yoga integrated in the Chakra Yoga course. Daily practice of asana, pranayama, mantra, yantra, raja and karma yoga are complemented by individual study and contemplation, systematic methods of concentration, meditation and more.


In the meantime, we have a significant part of the intro to the course which will be offered at the beginning of February. this is called Ekadasi. It begins with learning how to breathe correctly in the yogic method, ( believe it or, not most people do not know)

Ekadasi Retreat – 15 days

Dive into your inner world and transform your mental programs by applying the science of yoga to a psychological/energetic detox.

This retreat was designed for you to experience a powerful tool from the Yoga Path that is called Ekadasi Pranayama Technique. It is a profound pranayama technique which takes 11 days to perform and is effective in going deeply into the layers of the subconscious for clearing out energy blockages. Most of these (blockages) have been created through emotional experiences that were unresolved in the past and need to be settled (solved and resolved) to create peace of mind for the advanced practices of yoga. I say ‘most’ here as a general statement, it depends a lot on the individual and what he or she has experienced in life. In my experience that has been mostly emotional in nature, but for some it may be a lot of physical traumas as well.

Added to that, you will receive a really scientific understanding of this yoga program, psychological support and a unique experience. Mastering ourselves through ancient wisdom and modern science.

We will start on a full moon day and finish on new moon… Synchronizing with the cosmic energy that will potentialize our purification and evolutionary journey.

A major key to our evolution lies in understanding the lessons life has given us in the past. All our life events are part of our education; learning to see what can be learned from these past experiences, no matter how negative or traumatic at the time, provides us with a deeper wisdom regarding human nature – in others as well as in ourselves. With this deeper understanding of the programmed human condition, we can accept the behaviour that has been harmful to us with the limited consciousness of the individuals involved. With this wisdom, we find liberation from the past and gain the ability to move forward without rolling the wheel of karma through the mud again.

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External courses & events

Often we have workshops and other events at Pyramid, hosted by external guests or past students. This can include teacher training courses, massage courses, tantra workshops, contact dancing, ecstatic dancing and so much more.  Visit our Facebook page for updates or contact us directly.

General & advanced courses

We also host many other courses when the demand reaches a certain threshold, such as level 2 Chakra Immersion (an advanced course for past 500HR students), as well as chakra-based healing courses, 4 week intensives and more. Please get in touch if you would like more information.