Check our social media pages to see the weekly schedule of classes on various postures/breathing exercises related to the Chakra Yoga system.
At Pyramid we focus very much on the breath as a primary guide through asanas as well as pranayama exercises.
Everything is tied together through the ancient system of chakras.

Check our schedule to see what style of class is on and when. No need to bring anything but your smiling face, a bottle for water
and a towel if you desire. We have mats, blocks and pillows at our studios.

All classes are 90 minutes
Prices (Thai Baht): Drop in; 300, 5 Class Pass; 1250, 10 Class Pass; 2200


Hatha Yoga

The mother of all types of yoga.

In the practice of Hatha yoga we use traditional asana, pranayama (yogic breathwork) and meditation specifically designed and thoroughly tested through thousands of years to calm, stabilize and energize or mind and body. Hatha yoga is a deeply soothing and relaxing way of practicing aligning one’s body and mind, and releases stress kept in the body. The classes begin and/or end with relaxation/meditation, and also include an emphasis on proper yogic breathing to cultivate a clear and stable mind.

Chakra Yoga

Chakra Yoga taught at Pyramid Yoga Center was originally presented to the founder David Goulet in India 1971 by his teacher Dr. Swami Gitananda. Chakra yoga is a comprehensive system of yoga techniques for body, mind and consciousness designed to awaken our perceptions to the energetic level of reality which governs our nervous system, glands, and organs including the brain.

Yin Yoga

In the Yin yoga practice we delve deeper into the asana (posture) and thereby deeper than into just the superficial or muscular tissue. Instead Yin yoga targets the connective tissue that is more rarely exercised in regular asana practices. Focus is on long holds, deep stretches and releases of tension in especially the hip-, pelvis- and lower spine area. Yin yoga can be practiced by anyone and is great supplement to more heated (Yang) styles of practices leaving you deeply relaxed in both body and mind.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is in many senses the opposite to most types of modern and popular yoga styles in the west which often focuses on building heat, physical strength in athletic and acrobatic styles of practice. A restorative yoga sequence might include few different types of asana (most often lying down or seated) and assisted by various props like blocs, bolsters and straps the asana is held passively for extended periods of time (often up to 5 min). Expect to leave a restorative yoga class deeply relaxed with a calm, clear and refreshed mind.